VP Leni Robredo’s ‘net satisfaction rating’ surpasses Q3

MANILA, Philippines – Amid the electoral protest, many Filipinos are still enjoying the work of Vice President Leni Robredo, according to a Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey released Wednesday afternoon.

From Robredo’s +28 net satisfaction rating in June 2019, it rose to +33 this September 2019, which is considered “good” by SWS.

“The 5-point increase in Vice-Pres. Robredo’s overall net satisfaction rating is due to its increase everywhere, especially in Mindanao,” according to the English organization.

The study was conducted from 27th to 30th September.

The net satisfaction rating is obtained by subtracting the percentage of the ghost by the percentage of dissatisfaction with a personality.

In the latest study, it appears that 56% of Filipinos are satisfied with the second president’s job compared with 23% dissatisfied.

Robredo’s net satisfaction rating was higher last month despite being more satisfied with Robredo’s work in June (57%) compared to September (56%).

That’s because Robredo’s work was reduced to dissatisfied in September (23%) compared to those who didn’t like his job in June (29%).

Sotto, Cayetano and Beramin

Meanwhile, Senate President Vicente Sotto III was +61 net + rating for Speaker of the House Alan Peter Cayetano and +16 for Chief Justice Bersamin.

For Sotto, it turns out that 72% are happy with her job while 11% are unhappy.

About 64% were satisfied with Cayetano’s work compared with 14% dissatisfied with his performance in September.

Bersamin, who is due to retire on October 18, says 35% of Filipinos are satisfied with his job while only 19% are dissatisfied.

Senate, Chamber and Supreme Court

Both the legislative and judicial functions of the legislature and the judiciary have declined.

According to the SWS, from 74% in June, down to 69% were pleased with the Senate’s work.

The Chamber, up from 62% last June, slipped 57% last month as well.

Still, 14% remain dissatisfied with the Low House’s work.

Just 57% were satisfied with the Supreme Court’s work last month, compared with 66% in June.

The dissatisfaction with the court also went up from 12% to 16%.