People’s First Group ‘will do everything’ to stop Manila Water’s 780% rate hike

MANILA, Philippines – The People’s First group has hatched Manila Water’s plan to pass water charges after imposing millions in fines for violating environmental laws.

In October, Manila Water threatened a 780% increase if the Supreme Court reversed its decision to impose large fines on non-compliance with the Clean Water Act.

“They violated the law after the lime force passed it on to distressed consumers,” said Bayan Muna Rep. Carlos Zarate this Thursday in English.

In a decision issued by the Supreme Court on August 6, the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System, Manila Water and Maynilad were paid.

MWSS, Manila Water and Maynilad have been required to complete wastewater treatment facilities and connect sewage lines to all establishments, including houses, to a sewerage system within the year following the enactment of the law in 2004.

MWSS, Manila Water and Maynilad jointly pay ₱921,464,184.

According to the court, even if they pay within the required 15 days, they will demand an initial ₱322,102 per day subject to a 10% increase over two years in accordance with Section 28 of the Clean Water Act, until Section 8 is met. of law.

Manila Water sued the court, but the SC insisted it should be paid.

“If the concessionaires compress in five years according to the SC ruling that the 40-year project should be the hundred billion dollars that will result in an increase in subscribers’ water bill, it will cause them to lose money needed for another need to induce high inflation,” Manila Water said in a statement.

It will also cause heavy traffic because hundreds of kilometers of road will need to be excavated.

But the Bayan Muna party-list didn’t buy it.

“[G] we will do everything we can to stop this huge rate hike and hold the water concessionaires accountable for their neglect of nature,” said chairperson Neri Colmenares.

“Many of us today do not yet have a proper sewerage system, so we are just a negro. Concessionaires have to work on it but they haven’t done it for years.

More on the rate hike on Sunday

Manila Water posted a ₱26.70 per cubic meter increase even though they were set to impose a Maynilad surcharge on Sunday.

Maynilad will charge ₱0.02 per cubic meter to consumers while ₱0.178 per cubic meter again at Manila Water beginning October 13th.