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Joey Sarte Salceda comments on Memo Circular 2020-036

MANILA, Philippines – Rep. Albay Rep. Joey Sarte Salceda says that the ‘Memo Circular’ of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) is “rich, oppressive to the poor.”

In the House Resolution 748 he presented to the House Transportation Committee, Salceda requested that the DILG retract its Memo Circular 2020-036 which he considered “unfair and inadequate to any standard of reasoning, logically based on data, ‘socio- economic justice ‘and’ local autonomy. ‘”

According to Salceda, tricycles pay ‘road users tax’ worth P1.2 billion annually, ‘excise tax’ and VAT on gasoline which also reaches P52 billion annually which forms part of the Department of Budget’s large budget. Public Works and Highways (DPWH) worth nearly P650 billion.

In a report by the World Health Organization and Land Transportation Office in 2017, Salceda noted that riding a tricycle is safer than any other vehicle.

“Of the 7,023,529 registered tricycles and motorcycles, 5,970 died in accidents equal to 0.085%, but of the registered 3,994,326 other vehicles, 11,264 were reported in accidents equal to 0.282%,” he said.

Higher wages for nurses raised by SC

MANILA, Philippines – The Supreme Court upholds the provision of the Philippine Nursing Act of 2002 which sets the higher salary grade for nurses.

The Supreme Court has declared that Section 32 of the Philippine Nursing Act is valid where the minimum wage for nurses from the current salary grade 11 is set at salary grade 15.

However, the High Court did not grant petitioners’ request that it directs the government to implement this provision of law.

The Supreme Court said Congress would have to pass legislation for funding to be used in the implementation of higher wages for nurses.

The Philippine Nurses Association also remembers raising the wage so that young people do not have to worry about looking for a job abroad.

Meanwhile, 16 congressmen have already passed bills aimed at raising the monthly salary of nurses to ₱30,000.