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Lockdown is mandatory in high-risk areas

MANILA, Philippines – A lockdown has been implemented in high risk areas as a result of the dangerous and dangerous eruption of the Taal volcano in Batangas.

This means that only authorized government officials and staff can enter the town.

Brig. Gen. Marceliano “Kit” Teofilo, Taal Task Group Commander said this is to protect residents in affected areas specifically in the declared 14-km radius danger zone.

The lockdown also aims to prevent looters from looting or robbing homeless homes.

These include the towns of Talisay, Agoncillo, San Nicolas, all of which are in high risk danger zones that have been extended to the cities of Balete, Lemery and Laurel affected by severe ashfall.

According to Teofilo, some residents despite evacuation centers are still returning to their homes to check and clean their homes, get some equipment and return their lost pets.

Batangas Provincial Police Office (PPO) Director of Police Colonel Edwin Quilates said they have set up a checkpoint to block evacuees from returning.

Reinvestigation vs ‘ninja cops’ has begun

MANILA, Philippines – The Department of Justice (DOJ) has begun an investigation into so-called ‘ninja cops’ involved in the alleged drug raid in Pampanga in 2013.

“No show” to the DOJ is Police Major Rodney Baloyo, the team leader of the group that allegedly recycles illegal drugs.

Baloyo is currently being detained at the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) after being held in contempt of the Senate, for allegedly lying.

His lawyer Atty. Donie Rey Again, Baloyo will not file further evidence and therefore should not attend the hearing.

Of the 200 kilos of shabu they recovered in the drug bust, the group surrendered only 38 kilograms.

It appears that about 160 kilograms of shabu worth P648 million were excluded from Baloyo’s group’s report that he allegedly killed Chinese drug lord Johnson Lee in 2013.

This is at the heart of the Senate’s investigation of ‘ninja cops’ which was revealed by former PNP-CIDG Director Benjamin Magalong.

First of all, with the validity of Department order No. 528 issued by Justice Sec. Menardo Guevarra, the DOJ 3-man panel of prosecutors has begun a re-investigation of the complaint filed by the PNP-CIDG against 13 ‘ninja cops’.

In March 2014, the CIDG indicted Baloyo’s group on four covert charges including violations of Sections 27 (misappropriation), 29 (planting) and 32 (custody and disposition) under the Dangerous Drugs Act.

But in 2017, all cases against the group were dismissed.

The DOJ Panel gave the CIDG five days to file additional evidence and supplemental or amended complaints.

The next hearing will be held on October 21.

7 PMA cadets in Dormitorio hazing charged in court martial

MANILA, Philippines – Seven cadets involved in the killing of Cadet 4th Class Darwin Dormitorio have been charged in court.

According to Brig. Gen. Romeo Brawner Jr., PMA Corps of Cadet Commandant, officials decided that Dormitorio’s upper classmen had to go to court as part of an administrative case against them.

Among them are PMA Cadets 3rd Class Shalimar Imperial, Felix Lumbag Jr., John Vincent Manalo, Julius Carlo Tadena and Rey David John Volante, Cadet 2nd Class Christian Zacarias, and Cadet 1st Class Axl Rey Sanopao.

They have been charged with first-degree murder and violation of anti-hazing and anti-torture law at the Baguio City Prosecutors Office.

They will be charged with violating Article of War (AW) 96 conduct unbecoming a gentleman and an officer at AW 97 (conduct prejudicial to good order and military discipline).

In the meantime, the PMA has the custody of the cadets first and by the time the court martial commences they will be turned over to the General Headquarters at Camp Aguinaldo.

Meanwhile, the AFP leadership will have to decide if the Tactical Officers of the said cadets, Major Rex Bolo and Capt. Jeffrey Batistiana, and PMA Hospital doctors Col. Cesar Candelaria, Capt. Apple Apostle and Maj. Ofelia Beloy.

2 PMA doctors may have been negligent in Dormitorio’s death

MANILA, Philippines – At least two doctors from the Philippine Military Academy will face charges related to the death of hazing victim Fourth Class Cadet Darwin Dormitorio.

Assisted physician Major Maria Ofelia Beloy and Captain Florence Apple Apostol will face criminal negligence under Article 365 of the Revised Penal Code, according to Baguio City police director Police Col. Allen Rae Co.

According to a report by The STAR, Beloy and the Apostle confirmed Dormitorio died of cardiac arrest secondary to internal hemorrahage.

The Apostle and PMA hospital Commander Col. Cesar Candelaria.

It was September 18 when the PMA freshman died in the wake of mistreatment inside a premier military school.

Before his life was over, he was diagnosed with urinary tract infection and released, until he started vomiting in their barracks.

Earlier it was reported that Dormitorio was being punched, kicked and electrocuted allegedly by senior cadets.

The PMA is still in custody at the seven cadet-suspects who are being linked to the case, according to Co.

Interior and Local Government Secretary Eduardo Año on Sunday added the latest suspect.

Although not named by Año, he is said to be one of those directly related to Dormitorio’s hazing.

Co said the seventh cadet was a third class cadet.

Take the names of Cadet Third Class Shalimar Imperial, Cadet Third Class Cadet Third Class Felix Lumbag and a “cadet Win” the letter written by Dormitorio about the pain endured.

Dormitorio suffered 24 hours of ‘hell’

MANILA, Philippines – The 24-year-old Cadet 4th Class Darwin Dormitorio died in a haze at the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) in Baguio City.

“It was hell for him,” Baguio City Police Director Colonel Allen Rae Co described the victim after capturing 16 witnesses to the crime.

According to Co, despite being physically fit and strong, Dormitorio’s body failed due to the severe beating he suffered.

“It is because you just imagine that you are going to report back to your internal organs what that pain is that you are still expected to do your duty. Climb down to the barracks and then that’s the pain you feel you will still be able to hold your own as you stand and talk. So this kid is very strong both in the chest and in the body. If it was the other person, he wouldn’t have been lying to himself,” the official said.

It was learned that the 2nd Class Cadets kicked him in the head and other parts of the body.

First PMA officials 1st Class Cadet Axl Sanupao lost the boots and handed Cadet 3rd Class Shalimar Imperial and Felix Lumbag the punishment.

The names of three other cadets who appeared to be involved in the hazing will be released once they have filed the case.

The identified suspects are a 1st Class Cadet, a 2nd Class and four 3rd Class Cadets.

An accessory to the crime on the part of two PMA doctors for negligence in failing to correctly identify Dormitorio’s illness should have saved his life.