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Welcome to Philippine News Daily, your premier source for English news within The Philippines. This publication was founded by Moises Lincoln Divero Alicante in 2018 and has since grown to a small team of 3 people. Based in Manila, we are all Filipino locals fluent in English who are dedicated to growing this website into one of the primary sources of English news within this country.

Our Code of Conduct

Before publishing any story, we want to get to the bottom of all the facts and be absolutely 100% sure that the information we present is correct. That is why we feel confident you can rely on our reporting, and we take pride in making sure that stories are presented objectively. We try to stray away from ‘opinion pieces’ that tend to be misleading and stay to just reporting the facts only.


As this is an indie publication that is run only by our own passion, we have no intention to display advertisements on at this time. However, if you are interested in sponsoring this website, please email


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