Daily Archives: June 12, 2020

San Juan, La Union Gets A Recommendation

Here’s something fun, and a break from our regular news. One of my favorite places in The Philippines, San Juan, La Union, has been recommended as a “top digital nomad destination” here:

Best Digital Nomad Destinations In 2020, As Rated By 49 Digital Nomads

Lovely to see that, as I’ve always said it’s a wonderful region of this country. Low cost of living? Yep. Fast reliable internet? Yes. And friendly people? Definitely. Though there are some caveats I should mention. In the section there it says you can get accommodation for as low as $150/month, but that’s a bit of a pipe dream. You should spend at least $300.

For those of you coming to The Philippines after COVID-19 is over, check out San Juan.

It was also nice to see that Puerto Princesa City and Palawan were also mentioned in this article 🙂